How to use

If you feel difficulty using the site we provide please follow the guidelines below, we have provided.

Search By Category

to search our collection by category, please on the leftkategori_ side of the page and click the appropriate select the category that has been provided.

Search Form

to use a search form, please write the product code, in the search form, the system will search for products related to what you write.form_search_

Getting All Product Collection

Please click on the header of the product, you’ll turn to page all productsproduct_header

How to order product

Product Collection With Price :

Click on the button marked add to cart,
Open your shopping cart,
Click on the button marked proceed to checkout,
Fill out the form to complete your details as the transaction process,
Then click on the button marked place orders.



Collection of products With Call For Price:

Please fill in the message, associated with a collection of products that are not in the specified price,
in question form, stating the product code,

You may contact directly contact us, to ask about related products